The secret to happiness is freedom, the secret to freedom is courage
— Thucydides

Andrea Butt claims, “Freedom is about being so truly, madly and deeply attached to your own soul that you can’t bear - if only for a moment - a life that doesn’t honor it.”

There is much truth in those words. It takes true courage to honor yourself, to honor your soul.  

Think back, is there a moment you wanted to stand up for an injustice but refrained from doing so? Or perhaps a time you sincerely wanted something more but didn't go after it? 

Had more courage been present, what might have occurred? How much freer might you have felt in that — or perhaps, as a result, this — moment? 

We often think that courage indicates doing something colossal…making a massive move or taking substantial stance, but we forget that courage is evident in the smaller, everyday choices: the choices we tell ourselves don’t really matter, the ones which seem insignificant.  

When added up, when pushed aside time and again, those decisions create debilitating patterns and a stark neglect of values. 

The beauty, however, resides in the flip side.   When the courageous choice is made, especially in the smaller “inconsequential” moments, it re-enforces our values and strengthens the muscle which liberates.

What does courage mean, or look like, to you?

What would your life look like if you were just a bit more courageous?

The invitation this week, isn’t necessarily to take a huge leap. OR, maybe for you, it is. The invitation is to show courage in those seemingly minor moments, and feel the freedom it creates, the freedom you create. 


With love and light,

Rachel     -Working with change-makers to brighten the world, one soul at a time  xx

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