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I am so grateful to support my clients every day.  It is my greatest pleasure to watch their lives transform. To each of my clients, thank you for allowing me to guide and support you on your journeys.  -Rachel

Recommending Rachel is an understatement. A couple of my friends invested time with Rachel and they routinely share with me how shocked they are at their professional and personal growth. Her energy is contagious coupled with her precise challenging approach is sustainable. It is fascinating how much I’ve grown working with Rachel
— Sales Executive
With great enthusiasm, I would recommend Rachel to anyone looking for a Coach. Her prudent guidance and council focus on the entire individual – mind, body and spirit. While I originally sought out Rachel to explore pursuing a change in my career, our sessions together developed into other aspects of my life that related to our original topic but went so far beyond. Rachel is wise, funny and sincere. She listens carefully, speaks thoughtfully and of course is challenging in the most constructive way. I have recommended Rachel to friends who thanked me profusely for connecting them with her – we all rave about our experience and the very positive, ongoing personal development that comes from working with Rachel.
— Sales & Development Professional
When I first contacted Rachel about being a life coach, I didn’t really have any idea what a life coach was. I just knew that I wanted to make some positive changes in my life. One of the first meetings I had with Rachel, she asked me a few very basic questions which, I had no idea at the time, would be the key to unlocking a door of endless possibilities in changing the direction of my life and how I wanted it to go.

Rachel helped me to visualize, conceptualize and actualize this future that I wanted for myself. What it looked like, how it felt, what was included in it and what was not. And I finally realized that every day, the choices I made needed to be with this end goal in mind. CREATING the very future for myself that I pictured, in each and every decision and choice that I made. And I finally realized that this concept was an active one.

Rachel’s coaching has helped me to see these things and truly move forward in my life. I have had so much forward progress since our relationship began. She has truly been instrumental in helping me to accept my past, make peace with both my past and present circumstances and begin looking forward to my future because it’s going to be great! I will ensure it and I know that Rachel will be there with continued focus and support. I am extremely grateful to her and her many gifts.
— Medical Professional

What did I do prior to my coaching calls with her?! She is so great at helping guide me and every time I speak to her, I feel like I come away from it learning more about myself, even in just a 45-minute session. Rachel is extremely gifted in what she does. I’m honored to know her and work with her!
— Writer

Over the last year my new career took off running! Although I am greatly passionate about what I do, I realized a few months in I was overwhelmed to say the least. I had a hard time prioritizing my work and family and realized it was taking a toll on me in every way. Rachel opened up my mind and soul and helped me understand what specifically was causing my stress and together we are tackling all of my stressors so that I get to have the best of both worlds... my work AND my family. Every time my session is over, I notice I feel at peace. Rachel is an angel that was sent to me!!!!
— L.S., Texas

Rachel is a powerful coach! She has the ability to create a space of non-judgement and courageous action that allowed me to naturally move towards clarity and peace. She followed my lead, and there was plenty of fun and learning along with accountability and forward movement.
— Health Professional

Working with Rachel left me feeling strengthened. As she spoke with me, I felt held in such a positive, warm light. It was impossible not to open and unfold with her. She supported me during an emotional time, walked with me, so to speak, and cleared the path ahead for me to continue on my journey. She is truly a very spirited and thoughtful person who invests herself heart and soul into helping others.
— Mental Health Professional -TX
My coaching experience with Rachel has been amazing.

From our very first session together I knew she would be the one to help me push through my perceived limitations.

I’ve been having a lot of issues surrounding worthiness as of late and she continually holds me in a space of complete non-judgment. She helps me discover and define radical self-acceptance, regardless of the external circumstances.

I am grateful for her willingness to continually show up for me. With Rachel holding the space through our coaching sessions, I’m remembering to trust and honor myself more. When I show up to our calls it shows me how committed I am to where I’m headed - and what I am creating.
— Wellness Professional - FL